Hotels in Borovoe 35000-75000 kzt

Цена: 15000 - 350000 тг
"Lafaette" Hotel Borovoye offers guests a pleasant habitation. The hotel offers comfortable accommodation and high level of service. There are 19...
  • Cafe-bar
Цена: 35000 - 750000 тг
Hotel "Park Hotel Kokshetau" is a holiday complex in Borovoye .. Also the hotel in the complex has a Lounge-bar, a restaurant, a bio-complex, gym,...
  • Lounge-bar
  • Gym
  • A restaurant
  • Billiards
  • conference hall
  • pool
Цена: 5000 - 150000 тг
Borovoye hotel offers comfortable rooms for rest. You have a choice for a relaxing: a cottage, or chalet, or wing. You can walk through the woods,...
  • bath
Цена: 5000 - 150000 тг
"Zhumbaktas" Boarding house Borovoye is located in a pine forest near Lake and 10 minutes walk from Shuchinsk. In the pension there are two year-...
  • Shooting gallery
  • Sauna
  • Gym
  • Hire
  • Medical procedures